From Concept to Close-out with One Firm

Why go to several places for the same services?  Kern & Co., LLC (KC) is a full-service engineering, architecture, landscape architecture and surveying firm.  We provide a complete range of services required for the development of commercial, industrial, public, and residential properties including Land Planning, Civil Engineering, Landscape Architectural Design, Architectural Design, Structural Engineering, and Mechanical / Electrical / Plumbing Design.  We also provide support services including Surveying, Environmental Assessment and Permitting, and Construction Administration.

Consulting You Can Trust

What are the available expansion or development options for your site?  Should you buy a piece of property?  Our team can determine what is economically, environmentally and governmentally feasible for your site.  You can count on getting an honest, accurate, and unbiased opinion from our knowledgeable professionals.  We pride ourselves on excellent communication and customer service - if you have a question, suggestion or change, we are here and ready to listen and take action.

Streamlining the Design and Permitting Processes

Starting with a blank slate or a client's concept, KC guides the development of a property from land planning through permitting and construction to occupancy.  Our landscape architects work closely with our in-house surveying department to plan the proposed facilities in the most efficient, functional, and aesthetically pleasing configuration.  The environmental department assesses the site and secures the needed permits.  The engineering staff designs all of the required infrastructure components, from the roadways and parking areas through the water, sewer and drainage systems.  The architectural, structural, and mechanical / electrical / plumbing groups design the needed buildings.  Finally, the construction administration department provides on-site inspection and project close-out services.

Each department is accountable and accessible to the next, minimizing mistakes and ensuring communication between the different professionals.

Results You Can See

Examples of KC's work can be found throughout the City of Savannah and Chatham County, the surrounding communities, and the Southeastern United States.  Our design signature can be seen in numerous residential subdivisions, commercial sites, public spaces, private homes and institutional developments ranging from sites less than an acre up to two thousand acres, and all types of buildings.  You do not have to take our word for it; we are always willing to provide references and project examples.

Take the time to explore our web site for design team information and project types and profiles.